Extend Year

Dear Student,

In order to properly appraise your petition to extend your student status so as to allow you to register the remaining subjects and complete the requirements of the program you declared as your major, it is imperative for you to provide the following information upon your submission of the petition to the Office of Academic Affairs:

1.Petition stated in the University petition form – the form is available at the Registrar Office

2.Detailed explanations accentuating your reasons for not being able to fulfill the requirements within the allowable time– undergraduate students studying in a 4-year program are allowed to study and complete the program they have chosen within 8 years, and a 5-year program within 10 years, and the number of times and the semesters you have petitioned to extend your student statusExplanations in proper English should be typed and printed in A4.

3.Unofficial transcript issued by the Office of Registrar

4.List of the subjects you have not studied or have studied but are required to repeat presented in the form issued by the Office of Registrar

5.Comments from your Chairperson about your study performance

The decision pertaining your request should be available within 3 working days after your submission of the aforementioned required documents at the Office of Academic Affairs. 


Dr. Vindhai Cocracul

Vice President for Academic Affairs


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